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Главная Каталог Музыка DRUNKEN BARN DANCE - Gery Buried, компакт-диск (CD/DVD/BluRay)
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DRUNKEN BARN DANCE - Gery Buried, компакт-диск (CD/DVD/BluRay)

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- DRUNKEN BARN DANCE - Gery Buried, компакт-диск (CD/DVD/BluRay)

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Product Description
Scott Sellwood, Scott DeRoche & Ryan Howard (SATURDAY LOOKS GOOD TO ME) have put Neil Young\'s Crazy Horse in a tumbler, added a touch of the Mountain Goats & shaken the hell out of the drink, pouring it into a rock glass with Jameson. They might not be happy if you called it Americana, then again, they might not care. With a drink in hand, nods to the Guided By Voices and Hold Steady ethos, this is a boozy amalgam of obliquely western tinged indie rock.
... an epic multi-guitar attack band reminiscent of Television, Wilco and the Grateful Dead. --Detroit Metro Times
With a voice that shape-shifts at every turn, Drunken Barn Dance\'s fantastic ability to sound so similar to so many established and revered musicians will likely be a blessing and a curse only for as long as it takes for Sellwood\'s material to make its own way into our subconscious, which it is sure to do in fairly short order. --Lost At Sea
On their second album, Michigan quintet Drunken Barn Dance offer up a sound that brings to mind an earlier era of indie rock -- the early- to mid- 90s heyday of bands like Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Ass Ponys, and the Sand Rubies. Like them, DBD spin offbeat, affectingly lyrical yarns mated to meaty riffs whose lo-fi feedback n\' fuzz feel nods to vintage Crazy Horse. It\'s the kind of sound that feels like it was built from the ground up, without too much worry about how it fits in with the trends of the day, something that\'s more easily accomplished far from music-biz centers like New York and L.A. Making a statement as simply and directly as possible seems to be important to the bandmembers, and they made Grey Buried accordingly; all the instrumental tracks were laid down in a single eight-hour session, sans overdubs, with vocals added afterwards under similar strictures. But what emerges on these ten cuts is not some shambolic, garagey din -- the six-string clangor feels completely purposeful, creating a wide-open-spaces kind of landscape on which singer Scott Selwood\'s idiosyncratic scenarios can be played out to perfection. Sometimes Selwood\'s imagery is poetically oblique, but he\'s also able to tell stories that feel quite grounded and real, like the near-homicidal frenzy of an incest victim\'s boyfriend on "Ain\'t No Weather Fouler." Selwood hits his lyrical stride when he\'s aiming somewhere in between, though, as on "No Love," a strange, symbolic tale of an ill-starred couple who continually "bury" each other in different locations all across the country. And as left-field as the subject matter may sometimes get, Drunken Barn Dance\'s no-nonsense guitar muscle always provides plenty of sonic ballast throughout Grey Buried. --All Music Guide

Список композиций (треков):

1. The Last Desperate Stand of the Last Fair Man, 2:29
2. Tapo Canyon Drowning, 2:41
3. A Winter\'s Tale, 2:31
4. Ain\'t No Weather Fouler, 2:53
5. No Love, 5:03
6. Time Spent Undergroud, 3:42
7. Leaving Las Vegas, Reno, Laughlin..., 4:46
8. Evelyn Wears a Tiara, 4:52
9. The Guest List, 4:52
10. You Left the Wrong Girl, 4:15
Категория:Музыка на носителях
Музыка Винил/CD/DVD/BR:CD
Стиль:Indie Rock
Производитель:Неизвестен (-)
Дата выпуска (релиза): 2010-08-24
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