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LEVON VINCENT - Fabric 63, компакт-диск (CD/DVD/BluRay)

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- LEVON VINCENT - Fabric 63, компакт-диск (CD/DVD/BluRay)

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  • Описание

Here Levon selects a number of his compatriots unreleased material, as well as seven of his own cuts. All the signature elements are there: rich analogue synth-work, intricately programmed drums, and muscular, dubby basslines. Above all, these aren t just electronic "tracks" with a set number of sequenced loops - they are each songs in their own right, with rich tonal variety and this mix provides an overall narrative which contains various themes and surprises. Levon explains he didn t want to showboat as a DJ on this mix, and foregoing the use of flashy DJ tricks (like the ones he demonstrated at his recent Boiler Room) this time he set out for something classy and un-assuming. He focused on mixing each record without touching the platter at any time during playback- using only the pitch control for adjusting the synced blends "like Mancuso and some of the older disco guys do" (of NY s The Loft). This results in a very smooth listening experience - without the jarring and erratic pitch variations that sometimes occur when a DJ grabs the platter to rescue a mix. And it shows - with each track slotting into the next, the joins quite invisible - at points when what may be perceived as a song's 'B' section, quickly turns out to be the following record. The intro is supplied by scene stalwart Joey Anderson, who has found success in his own right as a master house dancer (also DJ QU s dance mentor) a skill that often goes unrecognized in Europe, but is in fact an integral part of music and club culture in New York. With Earth Calls , Joey drops dissonant, echoing keys and shreaking synth sounds rain down, accompanied by a skittering cymbal that breaks like deep breath on a cold night. A textured low-end rumble is all that announces the segue into Jus-Ed s Blaze , where tight snares cozy up to marimba-like keys and lead onto a refreshing appropriation of classic Afro-Cuban percussion: JM De Frias is the newcomer of the bunch whose rhythms show a deep understanding of the original minimal techno dialogue of pioneers like Robert Hood or Juan Atkins. Next, the first of Levon s own new material Stereo Systems', a shimmering Milky Way of synth-droplets twinkle above a seriously weighty kick drum, with the chords on Polar Bear creeping slowly in, creating the first moment of pure euphoria. DJ QU's Times Like This which brings the first and only semblance of a human vocal on the entire mix. An epileptic drum roll and the faintest hint of words misspoken flutter atop a relentless snare pattern that drives the track ever onward. Fear again demonstrates how emotive drums can be, it slowly develops teasing for half the song, but nobody is prepared for the funkiest of funky basslines that finally drops. The now classic Novel Sound single Double Jointed Sex Freak II peaks with a cacophonous break, clacking of metal pipes and a chorus of clockwork birds periodically chime in to give you a blissful sense of chaos. Anthony Parasole, whose loft parties played home to many of these artists in the early days, provides Tyson . Throbbing with the adjunct teeth of a revving motorbike engine, it signals a quick turn to the more aggressive sound that the crew are also known for. The End provides a moment for reflection; minutes are consumed by the drunken, woozy melody, until quite suddenly, the warmest of pads embrace the listener, accompanied by a background of diamond-tipped dub-clouds. Fred P AKA Black Jazz Consortium s particular brand of warm and soulful house get's the spotlight next, with his Blacklight:' A throbbing darkroom beat builds and dissipates under faint pads and a tough bassline which serves as a strong foundation

Список композиций (треков):

1. Earth Calls, 5:19
2. Joey Anderson, 5:28
3. Blaze (Do Dah Dab Mix), 4:43
4. DJ Jus-Ed, 3:58
5. Intrinsic Motivation, 2:56
6. JM De Frias, 5:18
7. Stereo Systems, 8:19
8. Levon Vincent, 5:45
9. Polar Bear, 4:16
10. Levon Vincent, 3:30
11. Times Like This, 5:46
12. DJ Qu, 4:01
13. Fear, 4:27
14. Levon Vincent, 6:40
15. Double-Jointed Sex Freak II, 3:41
16. Levon Vincent
17. Hydrine
18. Joey Anderson
19. Tyson
20. Anthony Parasole
21. The End
22. Levon Vincent
23. Blacklight
24. Black Jazz Consortium
25. Early Reflections
26. Levon Vincent
27. Rainstorm II
28. Levon Vincent
29. Far Away (Atmospheric Pass)
30. Black Jazz Consortium
Категория:Музыка на носителях
Музыка Винил/CD/DVD/BR:CD
Стиль:Deep House
Дата выпуска (релиза): 2012-04-20
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