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LETZTE INSTANZ - Liebe Im Krieg (Lim. Digipak), компакт-диск (CD/DVD/BluRay)

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Студия звукозаписи (лейбл) Afm Records, стиль Rock, компакт-диск (CD/DVD/BluRay), официальный релиз

- LETZTE INSTANZ - Liebe Im Krieg (Lim. Digipak), компакт-диск (CD/DVD/BluRay)

Студия звукозаписи (лейбл) Afm Records, стиль Rock, компакт-диск (CD/DVD/BluRay), официальный релиз | Кредит или рассрочка на сумму чека от 10000 руб | Акции, бонусы за покупку
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Essential collection of new mixes and unreleased material from SENSATIONS' FIX, the cosmically conscious, defiantly DIY enterprise of Franco Falsini and his band of psychedelic renegades. For,Music is Painting in the Air", Falsini set forth on a yearlo... SENSE OF FEAR are a heavy/thrash metal band formed in late ‘90s, hailing from Greece. As the band’s name suggests, their sound reminds to very deep and dark feelings, blended with power and aggressive tones. “Fear” is a key instinct for humans to survive. The debut album “As The Ages Passing By…” is a result of almost 20 years working hard on the songs, each one picked up carefully and with a unique story to tell alongside a deep feeling within. All the lyrics come from personal experiences and emotions, and these are a way to express ourselves and fight the personal demons. Each song has its own gravity to the album, and all together create SENSE OF FEAR ’s presentation to the world as a band and as musicians. The blending of every metal genre in a total personal way makes this record a release you don’t want to miss, as it turns the old style into something new and innovative... ... ... The seventh studio album album If There Is Light, It Will Find You by the post-hardcore band Senses Fail will be released on February 16,2018. Especially the fans who know the last two harder albums, Pull the Thorns from Your Heart and Renacer, wil... Post-hardcore veterans Senses Fail will release a new acoustic EP, titled In Your Absence, on March 3rd via Pure Noise Records. 15 years ago the first thing we ever did was put together an EP, that eventually turned into a longer EP called From The D... Senses Fail have announced that they will release their sixth studio album, Pull The Thorns From Your Heart, via Pure Noise Records n July... First new none -Damned album from Cpt Sensible in over 15 years Co stars Ex Damned/Eddie & the Hots Rods/UFO/ Johnny Thunders bassist Paul Gray One of Damned afficionados fave pursuits is debating which of the various lineups was the best. Certainly t... The Swedish punk trio The Sensitives pads the haters on their heads with the new album Love Songs For Haters, a truely masterpiece of PUnkrock, Folk, Ska & RocknRoll with fantastic hymns and singalongs! After four months on the roads in Europe T... It's Trevor Sensor's voice you notice first. A deep bubbling black tar pit of a sound, it's a voice whose unique timbre resonates far beyond the constraints of the songwriting format. It demands the listener reaches for a new vocabulary. The 23 year ... Lying in wait after laying siege to the underground with their highly acclaimed debut “Ungodly Forms,” Sentinent Horror awakens once again to defile your unsuspecting perception of extremity. Echoing the forbearers of Scandinavian death metal elite, melody collides with brutality in a whirlwind of malice, putridity, and tenacity. Utilizing a keen attention to detail in the structuring of this monstrosity, each layer peeled with sonic exorcism, a new musical nightmare journey begins. From the relentless vocal approach, stunning guitarwork, brutal riffing, to the relentless drumming, “The Crypts Below” paints a beautifully haunting landscape that celebrates death metal’s past while carving a hollow path towards the future. Zero gimmicks found here. Sentient Horror's newest offering of extreme metal debauchery will surely cleanse your palate thats been bombaded by the sea of imitators to the throne that flood the modern age. Celebrate “The Crypts Below” and sing the praises of death metal glory!!!... Sentient Horror are excited to finally share their breed of old school death metal with the world! Ungodly Forms will be released in December 2016 via Testimony Records. Ungodly forms was mixed by Damian Herring (Horrendous) and mastered by Dan S... Geomagnetic opens a portal to the future and ushers forth the newest hit tunes by Sentinel from the year 2086. Using an ancient secret time gate buried under Chitzan Itza, we retrieved the hottest music from the future that will be blasting dance flo... Sentre is comprised of Dave Gardner and Dennis White, a production duo who merge melodic techno and sultry electronica with soulful vocals and an innovative pop sensibility. Dream Logic is the debut album, but Sentre have always found themselves at t... Hotflush Recordings is delighted to announce the arrival of a second full length from Sepalcure, the American duo made up of Travis Machinedrum Stewart and Praveen Braille Sharma. Arriving four and a half years since their acclaimed debut, 11 tra... ... ... Dublin quintet September Girls return with an impassioned musical and political statement in their new album Age of Indignation, a title that succinctly sums up its inherent anger and restless dissatisfaction. The ten tracks bristle with atmospheric ... Cursing The Sea, the debut album from Ireland's September Girls, is a dark kaleidoscope of echoey drums, buzzsaw bass, angular guitars and reverb-drenched vocals that blends garage rock and post-punk to extraordinary effect. Named after a Big Star song vi... ... The reunited Greek demons SEPTICFLESH (now written as one word) will release their comeback album, 'Communion' on March 17, 2008 in Europe and March 25, 2008 in North America via Season of Mist. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include 'Lovecraft's Deat... Rerelease... The Great Mass is a new symphonic masterpiece that constitutes a quantum leap in the art of combining orchestral music with Heavy Metal. SEPTICFLESH’s new songs are the audible evidence of guitarist Christos Antoniou finishing his studies in classical com... If ever there were a point in history that demanded angry, scathing, explosive music then this is it. With eerie but exhilarating echoes Reagan’s ‘80s and the bilious, hyper-aggressive hardcore punk scene that erupted in response, the world of 2018 is more than ready for the blistering return of Septic Tank. This band of weather-beaten underground veterans have existed since the early ‘90s, more as a whispered enigma than a full-time band, but the decisive moment of deafening reality has arrived with the unveiling of Rotting Civilisation, the first full-length Septic Tank record and the ugly, rampaging rebirth of the subversive hardcore spirit. Originally formed in 1994 as a low-key outlet for doom metal standard bearers Cathedral’s love for Discharge, Siege, Septic Death, G.I.S.M. and other pioneering hardcore luminaries, Septic Tank’s original line-up featured Cathedral vocalist Lee Dorrian, guitarist Gaz Jennings and drummer Barry Stern (ex-Trouble) alongside Repulsion’s Scott Carlson on bass. With Esteemed producer Jamie ‘Gomez’ Arellano replacing Barry Stern in the 2018 line up, Septic Tank are no longer a shadowy side-project that existed more in the minds of its participants than in the ears of the masses, Rotting Civilisation is the perfect soundtrack to the collapse of society ... Re-Release Digipack Incl. 4 Bonus Tracks... SEPTICFLESH are painting an apocalyptic vision and make full use of their impressive musical palette consisting of death metal and orchestral colours on their tenth full-length, 'Codex Omega'. Although the biblical omega marks the end, SEPTICFLESH on... Limited 2CD edition in deluxe 6-panel Digipak on rough-coated reverse-board paper, with 16-page deluxe booklet on rough-coated offset paper. CD1: 'Codex Omega' CD2: 3 orchestral versions as bonus tracks for 25 minutes of exclusive music... ... ... ... Reissued on CD, this is the fifth studio album by the Greek goth-infected death metal band Septic Flesh, originally issued in 1999.... SEPTICFLESH, the Greek giants of dark symphonic metal are back. Titans are the most ancient of all the gods depicted in Greek mythology – even older than the Olympic deities. They represent the forces of nature. No other title could have been more apt to ... SEPTICFLESH, the Greek giants of dark symphonic metal are back. Titans are the most ancient of all the gods depicted in Greek mythology – even older than the Olympic deities. They represent the forces of nature. No other title could have been more apt to ... The Complete Max Cavalera Collection 1987 - 1996... The rumours are true: SEPULTURA prove on the very oldschooly 'Kairos' that they are stronger than ever!... Brazilian/American metallers SEPULTURA will release their new studio album, Machine Messiah, in January 2017 via Nuclear Blast. Inspired by the robotization of our society, the disc was produced by the band and Jens Bogren (SOILWORK, OPETH, KATATO... Limitied first edition in lavish digibook incl. two bonus tracks and a bonus DVD!... This reissue has been completely upgraded and enhanced with rare, live b-sides and out-takes, digital remastering on gold disc and revised packaging including new photos, full lyrics and expanded liner notes. ... On this album, Sepultura retains the characteristic critical stance in their lyrics. Musically, it is a bomb, varying between fast, aggressive and brutal songs with others in which the weight of the groove forms a true wall of sound.... Limited digipak incl. bonus DVD.... 6 CD Box! Sepultura recorded a series of albums for Roadrunner Records that had a major influence on heavy metal music throughout the Eighties and Nineties. Founded in Brazil by brothers Max and Igor Cavalera, the band was hailed by fans and critics ... Charlie Sepúlveda is a trumpeter of power and nuance. On this new recording, Sepúlveda takes on the challenge of preserving culture without being trapped by it. He can take a tried-and-true classic like Besamé Mucho, and instead of falling into the r... Finally available! SEPUTUS debut album, featuring PYRRHON members, is a masterpiece of extreme music! FFO: Old CARCASS (2nd album), PYRRHON, ABYSSAL... Pure sickness! Featuring band members from NY's powerhouse PYRRHON! SEPUTUS is a long-running extr... ... Sequoyah Tiger is the brainchild of Leila Gharib, songwriter and singer with a constantly shapeshifting voice from Verona, Italy. Following last years Ta-Ta-Ta-Time EP, Sequoyah Tigers debut album Parabolabandit expands Leilas distinct musical lan... With the atmospheric new single Good Thing SERAFYN directly connect to their award-winning EP Quantum Leap. The debut album Foam has meanwhile been scheduled for a February 2017 release.... Digipack. Seraleez's debut album, Good Life is a soulful collection of poetic revelations and personal experiences set in an eclectic soundscape of hypnotic Hip Hop grooves and iridescent Jazz harmonies. Their songs reveal and confess the essences... Seraphim are a world-renowned melodic power metal group featuring operatic female vocals by Taiwanese heavy metal queen Quinn. Shredding guitars, ear-piercing solos and gothic in appearance Seraphim have captivated audiences across the globe particularly ... Breakout label debut for this prolific producer and remixer from North Carolina. In a genre notgenerally known for its sense of humor, behind his body-armor and the brutally effective industrial beatdown of Deadly Force BL4KJ4K's sampling, songtitles and... The world will never be prepared for the onslaught that is Serdce. This Belarusian powerhouse is set to make a massive blip on the international radar with the release of their fourth album, Timelessness. Taking 5 long years to carefully compose and pr... Seremonia comes from Finland, plays heavy psychedelic rock and sings in their native language. Their eponymous debut album was released by Svart Records in 2012. Since then, the band has played their creepy brand of psych rock on very different venues, be... Finnish heavy psych rockers Seremonia dive deeper than ever into the dark psychedelic abyss with their third album Kristalliarkki (The Crystal Ark). With lyrics (still all in their native tongue) revolving around the spiritual cult practices and teachings... Finland's finest heavy psych outfit travels to the outer limits and beyond with their fourth full length album. Pahuuden äänet ('Voices of evil' in english) boldly goes and explores previously unknown dark corners of the heavy psych universe. It take... There are a few bands from Finland that play some sort of old school psychedelic hard rock, but none of them sing in their native language. The debut album by Seremonia (Finnish for ceremony) features fuzz-laden guitar riffage, out-of-control drum grooves... The new album from Serengeti - Chicago rapper and Sisyphus band-member (w/ Sufjan Stevens & Son Lux). Featuring sizable contributions from Anders Holm of Workaholics, Kenny Dennis III continues the saga of 'Geti's blue-collar character... Life can't alwa... new 2013 edition of the 1CD DIGIPACK COLLECTION... ... debut album of the 15 men strong orchestra around Sergio Mendoza, tour-musician of Devotchka and Calexico. Finest speed mambo!... Digipack Packaging. Liszt: Dance of the Dead; Petrarch Sonnets; Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto No. 1"...

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